Why PlaceFull?

PlaceFull makes it easy for you to create and publish real-time listings for any type of activity or event - classes, parties, camps, fundraisers, workshops and more. Online booking software frees up your time during the day and gives your customers the ability to book late into the evening.

  • Simple

    Customers don’t have to leave your website
    to book.
  • Fast

    Customers can book
    and pay in seconds.
  • Visible

    Customers can book on your Facebook page, website and the PlaceFull Marketplace.
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It began with fulfilling a need for our customers. We wanted to give them ability to book a party or schedule a class when it was convenient for them, not us. We discovered PlaceFull. I can login to my dashboard to see upcoming bookings, reschedule a booking and even export all my customer data. Best part, I use their mobile app to stay on top of my bookings on the go.

- Julya Myers, Owner - Amazing Art Studio

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  • Your Website

    Get booked on your website
  • Your Facebook Page

    Get booked on Facebook
  • PlaceFull Marketplace

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  • Pottery Directory

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Benefits For Your Pottery Studio

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    Grow Your Business

    Take bookings anytime, anywhere and reduce no-shows. Keep your place and your bank account full.

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    Easy For You

    Create and publish your real-time listings in less than three minutes. No coding skills required.

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    Focus On Your Customers

    Manage and market to your customers. Send custom emails, get booking reports and more.

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    Increase Your Web Presence

    Expand your web visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. We're always looking to expand our partnerships.